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Vietnam Explorers

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Travelers Meetup: Connect, Share Experiences, Practice English

Travelers Meetup: Connect, Share Experiences, Practice English

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No need to purchase, it's FREE.
Just show up!

👥 ROJI Social Club every Thursday 8PM

🎉 Seeking adventure and fun? Join us for exciting activities and meet like-minded people! 🤝 All are welcome to join our warm and friendly community 🌈🚀 

How it works:

-1st Thursday of each month: Globe Trotters' Connect 🌍🚀
Gather with our travel and tour guide group to share inspiring travel stories, let's connect and learn about the world together!

-2nd Thursday of each month: Confidence Safe Space 🎤👥
Creative expressions extravaganza, featuring: Karaoke/ Talent Show/ Storytelling Circle/Match Me, Single Edition.

-3rd Thursday: Ideas Fusion 💡🌍
Featuring: Documentary Film and Discuss/ TED Talk Inspired Talks/, Start-Up Showcase/ Idea Exchange Forum/

-4th Thursday: Culinary, Culture & Creative 🍲🎨
Featuring: Potluck Dinner/Cooking Class/Book Club Gathering/ DIY Craft Night/Buzzing Artists 

📌 Join Our Community!

Follow our schedule and make new friends on our Telegram! 

Join us for travelling, business, learning, sports, buy/sell, dating, hang out, events, and other useful information.

👉These events always happen on a weekly schedule, so just show up. There's no need to register.

👉Please note that there is 💥 no fee to join any events at Roji, but we kindly ask that you 💥 order a drink to help support the rental space. If you give a tip, it's a way to support and encourage our host team. Thanks! See you at Roji.

📍Roji rooftop- 2A Phan Tay Ho, W7, Phu Nhuan, HCMC.

     📲Dung (+84)939.961.038

     📲Huy (+84)856.788.524)

     📲Thuong Zani (+84)93.944.449

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